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It is as it never was Subscribe via email Enter your email address: October 01, Like in Gangnam Style? I can see that to have an effective speed dating event you probably need equal numbers of men and women but do you need equal numbers of nationalities as well?

Why not 10 women and 10 men, regardless? Logged eggieguffer The Legend Posts: Not only was a front for basically free english lessons for Koreans, it was being used to try and speed dating works traffic to their business, but no where did they initially say that they were the owner until someone called them on it. October 13, Some of them seemed like a very fast 3 minutes and in fact I think weren't even 3 minutes! One more thing worth noting: Wow, you guys are so much fun.

And why is it 10 foreigners and 10 Koreans.

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Makes me wonder the same as a previous poster wrote Korea13 Super Waygook Posts: Logged terivinix Expert Waygook Posts: If you find them on facebook, they will invite you to everything! CanineKimchi Super Waygook Posts: Next, I got my hair cut in the neighborhood took a chance with someone new.

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I don't think people put on events out of the goodness of the heart most of the time. After that I speed dating venues michigan my apartment, speed dating some lunch, then headed to church.

Lost 30, won on the stupid effing thing. Maybe if the time grows nearer, they'll hire us.

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Do the Koreans and foreigners have to be a particular sex? Maybe first for your organization.

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If this place happened to belong to someone involved in this, it certainly isn't indicated anywhere. Nivea Hero of Waygookistan Posts: Your Gramma sounds cool.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Taleen September 4, at 9: Don't write 'want to' as 'wanna' unless you're writing out pop lyrics and even then, think carefully about it.

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Monday, April 8, Speed Dating. Complete waste of money.

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LOVE that stupid horses head! In the past I've seen plenty people trying to promote their schtick here while pretending it isn't theirs.

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Well, we didn't even finish getting everyone registered until 7: Gagnam and Hongdae have English spellings. Considering how much this event has been spammed all over the place, I'm surprised they don't have enough people yet.