Matchmaking bf3 Why not release CO-OP weapons for all?

Matchmaking bf3

Do you matchmaking got that problem?

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BMTs and AA need to be taken in a specific pattern and timing. But how hard could it be to just make all the CO-OP unlock weapons available for everyone now? You might try keeping battlelog up when it's launching. I'm not great, but I'm matchmaking bf3 enough to finish that mission without any issues.

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Some people seem to be in the same boat as you, and can't get it to work. While my pilot, Pert0lcan is 1, I have 11 and 31 on normal and hard.

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I've been sitting up all night trying to fix it. I can tell you that you'd be matchmaking bf3 pressed to find a public match on anything but easy.

One cannot always rely on missles. Log In Sign Up. It got me to thinking, and especially considering what NGO said above.

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Blow them up using the environment? Think trading standards will have to get involved.

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So I have finally managed to get the iK and all I can say is that it is blazingly fast and more importantly without any fuss. Engies, repair all day every day!

Has been matchmaker matchmaking bf3 show fine in Chrome. Well I didn't know that they sell a CO-OP shortcut bundle, that's just like EA and Dice now though to do, I won't waste money on something that I can get free ingame, albeit having difficulties with getting.

They start to get tired of waiting, meanwhile person B has decided to join and clicked the button. Its kind of sad that Quick Match and Matchmaking not working still.

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Subscribe Search This Thread. Whatever happened to opening a game and fucking playing it?! But i doubt that in this stage of the game development someone will take care of this anymore. I got paired matchmaking edmonton with a total noob 2 hours of play time, and a.

Some people seem to have better luck with invites and friends, but I've only ever used public matchmake.

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Why not share those tips on bf3 scores here? Not that the WAY it works is at all logical.

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There's already like two dozen posts on that issue already, like this one: Any exploding executive matchmaking services, oil barrel or propane tank that kills an enemy does not give you a score. I've done nothing special - my router still has UPNP enabled, I don't shut down my antivirus when I play, and I use the windows firewall with rules to allow BF3 and associated programs access both ways. After my last foray, I've noticed that 'getting through' isn't much of a problem except on two missions.

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I do try to be patient and wait a reasonable amount of time to connect but by the same token I'm not gonna wait 5 minutes for someone who actually disconnected 4 minutes ago and whatever limitations of the game notwithstanding just didn't get the memo.