World of tanks matchmaking unfair Is The Match Making Really this unfair?

World of tanks matchmaking unfair

Have had a couple of games saved by lower tiers who made smart moves like capping the enemy base while the rest of the team got themselves killed on the last heavies. Maybe the best way to implement skill based matchmaking is to put players into leagues. Who thought this would be fun? If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications.

TD,take your time and harass best you can. I'm new to this game, never played world of tanks or world like that, but I'm actually surprised at the lack of support for good communication.

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What im trying to suggest is that Match making should be fair for example when someone is using a tier 4 tanks its enemies should be 1 tier higher only not 4 tier higher. Why make it so uneven? When reading, do not forget to enlarge the chart and look at the tanks for the tanks that you are currently or will be using.

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Again, love the game, can live with the other issues, and I put real money into it because I support this game Community Forum Software by IP. Please revise the matchmaking to make it more fun to play. Vh1 matchmaking show you not find a tier 7 or 8 light tank to introduce to the game?

TiniestAxis 4 Posted 15 March - WriterDude 19 Posted 24 May - Bottom line is you've taken the fun out of scouting, and unless you fix it, your customers will be taking their time and money elsewhere. You have to have games like this in my opinion. Just try not to worry about the outcome, only the process you matchmaking download through to get there.

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Who wants to vote for "I want to receive unfair treatment"? Platoon matchmaking unfair some friend and enjoy your games sir! What that E75 doing there???? The MM puts us at an even more severe disadvantage by stacking the enemy team with 5 extra tier 2 ships. If you mean the 38na you've been driving, its a scout, and you get scout matching. Guardian00 22 Posted Jun 28 - The only way that WG will narrow the tier spread will be if some other tank game steals significant market share from them.

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I have proven random matchmaking to be blatanly unfair. I don't like this idea one bit.

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I think you need to look up the definition of fair. Search Advanced Search section: This match was freaking terrible. I honestly wouldnt miss not being able to battle tier fives.

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The current system might balance two teams with five TDs against six heavy tanks.