Elove matchmaking reviews Elove matchmaking reviews

Elove matchmaking reviews

I asked for my money back I gave them thousandsand Paula kept saying sorry.

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Still not a peep from the company. It seems to connect under all these different names and always had the red flags of a scam which I didn't know back then. The contents of this site may not be republished, reprinted, rewritten or recirculated without written permission.

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Thursday, June 08 Instead some woman, who has never met us, will call us back from their call center. Janna of Updating matchmaking information Road, MD.

April 22, I was told there were many men in my age bracket and what set eLove apart was their individual testing and careful review of each potential match. I would like to take them to small claims court and get at least half if not all matchmaking boston my money back. I agreed to join up and at the time it was money I had no business spending due to my salary being just a little bit above entry level.

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The first date was a man who was a professional, but we had nothing in common. I paid for membership nearly 8 years ago 12 matches. It has now been over a year since that agreement has been cancelled, and they are now demanding full payment.

I told her she was being rude and the manager that set me up with him was rude. For a company that claims they are so great at matchmaking, they suck!!

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One who I spent a few months dating, wasn't too bad, until I found out that he has a serious matchmaking problem and a bit of a temper when he's in the bar with friends.

The first date was with a "gentleman" who was sitting at the bar and already tipsy when I arrived.

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Looking for other people to join in this fight! I am financially well off, educated and mentally stable yet there is not one man who matches in the greater Cincinnati area?

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By the way, the man that offered me his male member paid only That was a week ago and I have been playing telephone tag with the matchmaker ever since. That is my only requirement.

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I contacted a matchmaking reviews counselor who helped me get through my debts and after 27 months I can thankfully say I conquered matchmaking reviews and I am very grateful for it. I asked for educated, healthy, height weight proportioned, they could not find any compatible matches. As a result to this my credit is mess up.

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I paid thousands of dollars for 'personalized' matchmaking service. The first gentleman that I spoke with complained about the physical attributes he didn't like and I knew we matchmaking services maryland a match right away.

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They use no formula to match people, obviously. I didn't even submit the entry when I got a phone call. About 3 years ago I joined eLove. I was told the interview would take about 1 hour. So much for eLove's promise of introducing me to relationship-minded men.

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They continued to do it until my credit card company stepped in. They give false hope of "you get what you pay for" promises. They were socially awkward men overall. I abandoned the program after the three severely mismatched dates.

She then says, "Where are you going to get a service that includes a credit check along with background check? I had to put in writing that I wanted to meet people closer to my review. I have had so many issues with this company. I sent an email and stated my dissatisfaction but have not heard from anyone at the company since. For more information about reviews on Matchmaking server.

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This company needs to be investigated. This is a large investment, with absolutely little to NO return. I never received any explanation as to why neither man met not one of the criteria, educationally, culturally, or maturity level.

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This dating is all lies. The company is say they loan me money for this service.