Hook up plantronics headset to phone How to setup your Plantronics CS Series Wireless Headset System

Hook up plantronics headset to phone

You should now hear a dial tone. I share a job with someone else we have different hours. Turn this dial to a higher number to solve your issue.


How long is the warranty? There will be no interference with two headsets, in fact, you can have up to 38 headsets in close proximity. How long does the battery last? When in the up position towards one bar, the headset will turn on and off by pressing the silver talk button located on the ear piece. No, the CS either plugs into the phone's handset or headset jack.

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Do you leave the ear tip on the headset or headset it first? Is the CS dual voltage? I see in the picture that there is an ear cushion to use with the headband. Finding an adjustment on the phone which allows your headset to be in a middle position will typically work best. A-1 Unplug your telephone handset from the side of your phone. The Microphone Volume dial settings is what controls your microphone volume, or how well your caller hears you. Once you find a comfortable setting, remember from Step 4, you also have a headset tune speaker adjustment on the headset which allows you to make small volume adjustments from call to call.

I am worried about having a heavy thing hanging on my ear all day. How you hear the caller: A-2 Plug the phone modular adapter of the Telephone Interface Cable into your telephone's handset port. Incoming Speaker Volume The master control for this is the or switch located on the back of the charge base. Are there replacement parts available for the CS, like ear cushions?

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Alternatively, you can leave the headset on at all times and simply remove your handset to take a call and replace when finished. Can I use the CS with my iPhone 6?

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Yes, this headset system is very easy to set up, and we even put together a CS Setup Guide with detailed pictures. Yes, when the wireless telephone headset is muted, a solid red light will show on the base, and you will hear three high tones through hook up propane stove headset.

You will need to consider a second charging base to make sure both units are fully charged and ready to use at any time. The second button legit hook up website rocker switch is located at the back of the headset and controls your speaker volume. If you need to put the call on hold, or transfer the call, walk back to your phone and press the desired buttons.

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Can I hook this with my cell phone, or is it only to be used on the office phone? Yes, it includes great volume control for crystal clear communications.

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The first thing to understand is the Call Control Button. How well does the CS keep outside noises out? I currently use the flash button on my phone for conference calls.

The CS weighs 21 grams, so it is extremely hook and is quite comfortable for all-day wearing. Can I buy just the headset part without the base?

Think of it as your base being the major speaker volume adjustment and your headset being the minor speaker volume adjustment.

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We always suggest taking a few minutes when you first get your unit and practice putting it on in front of a mirror. With many variations, where and how you plug your EHS cable into your telephone will vary greatly.

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Three rapid beeps every 15 seconds indicates your mute is on. Yes, the CS has replacement parts minneapolis hook up spots may purchase; headbands, ear loops, ear tips, etc.

It will not work with the T This needs to be set to the clearest setting. Is the CS compatible with a softphone?

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