Hook up pool vacuum intex pump How to Vacuum an Intex Above Ground Pool

Hook up pool vacuum intex pump

Make sure to keep the other end of the hose in your hand.

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About the Author Denise Brown is an education professional who wanted to try something different. A pool vacuum consists of a vacuum head, a vacuum hose and a telescopic pole [source: Hello - just back from a long August vacation, and while away I received an email from a customer about their threadbare winter pool cover. Use a leaf skimmer to gather leaves, grass, and other items floating on the surface of the water.

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When using this filter with an Intex swimming poolthese supplies are all that is needed to get the filter up and running. It should consist of a head, telescopic pole, and ribbed plastic hose.

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Empty the pump basket and skimmers of collected debris. Turn on the pool's pump or turn on the water to the garden hose. Roll out the backwash hose if you have one, and begin vacuuming as fast as you can manage. Cartridge filters don't have a backwash valve at all, because you don't backwash them, you remove them and spray them off with a garden hose. After unclamping the intake, carefully remove the intake piece from the inside of your pool. Many pool vacuums require that they be connected to the filter pump for use.

By adding a booster pump, the vacuum works more effectively and gathers small debris as well.

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Place the vacuum head on a clean surface and attach the telescopic hook up pool vacuum intex pump. The truth is if you know how to do it, it can be a very simple process.

Pool Deck - Who Will Win? Tip Reverse the process of disassembling the vacuum when you finish cleaning the pool.

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For other vacuums, prime the hoses by filling them with water to remove all of the air. Hold the last bit of hose under water.

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A sand filter is designed to trap particles and other contaminants present in the pool water. Tighten it fully with pliers, and don't stand over the plugwhich would be dangerous if it blew hook up with sugar mummy under pressure.

If the pool has algae growth on the bottom or sides, use a scrub brush to loosen it. There should be a clear place on the top of the head where you attach it to the pole. This hook up nashville is powered by the water pressure as it skims the surface and sucks the debris into a hook up project bag rather than the filter.

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