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Aina is looking for someone adventurous, while Mal is curious to see if shell be.

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This is the best show I've never seen I want to enter: Receive posts in your email for FREE. While most of the contestants are in their twenties, there have been instances of male contestants as old as 48 appearing on the show.

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The show has since been toned down quite a bit, thanks in part to the addition of a party school psychologist as a third host. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The concept is simple: He can confess to his favorite girl, choose the one still left standing, or simply walk home empty-handed.

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Part of the appeal is just how brutally honest the contestants can be. The show is so popular that producers have launched a casting call here for 28 men and women to fly to China in December and appear in two Australian specials.

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If You Are The One under "overhaul reform " ". There can end up being a few girls in the final round, where the guy will ask a series of questions and try to narrow it down to one. After that, the identity of the man's "heartbeat girl" is revealed.

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The moms can participate in the questioning and their disapproval can see their son or daughter disqualified from the round. The man may insist on his "heartbeat girl" even if she had turned her light off.

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To appeal to a global audience, the show was shot in English, which some French critics werent too happy about but dating site with the most members least you wont need to use ifs you are the one dating show english subtitles.

After the videos, the dating in the workplace ethics can choose to turn their light off, thus signalling their lack of interest.

The idea of the show was brought to Jiangsu Television by veteran television producer Wang Peijie, who worked in collaboration with Columbia University-educated Xing Wenning. The show sought to 'stretch the limits' of what could be discussed on Chinese television. A daring dating series that starts where some good dates might end — naked. Both controversial contestants were some of the most-talked-about people in Chinese entertainment. For the film of the same title, see If You Are the One. It is essentially the opposite of turning the podium light off; instead, a woman who "bursts the light" is choosing to signal her interest in the man demonstratively rather than just passively leaving her light on.

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Retrieved 23 March What makes Australians prefer the Chinese version of the show to their own? Male contestants were often asked to show bank statements or material possessions to the ladies. An influx of Asian immigrants has made Australia an increasingly multiethnic country.

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Australian candidate Joe Sweeney left the show without a date when the woman he had chosen rejected him, saying her parents might not approve of a relationship with a foreigner. Jiangsu Television announced that the final episode of If You Are The One in the original format had aired on March 25 with the filming of shows suspended since January, announcing a temporary suspension of the show as it undergoes reformatting for a relaunch late in May.

One famous interaction between contestants went as follows — a man asked a girl if she would ride on the back of his bicycle on a date with him, to which she replied:. If any lights are left on by the end of the round, the male candidate chooses between the willing women and takes one of them on a vacation.