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I was diagnosed with another health issue that I have confronted and in the process have lost forty pounds and am doing really well. POF is one of the worst. Strange but unlike most comments here I have found the dating sites overwhelmingly populated by cougars.

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Confidence is more than being able to ask someone out or put yourself online — The confidence to…. They want that over gal. I did not give up with all the illogical rejections I have to experience.

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Nothing but lies, or fake profiles. I had the same done to me and I believe that telling you they met someone else is a way for some women to reject you nicely. Are you among the singles over 60 who feel that you may not fit into today's dating scene?

Easy search options Our Experts Say: Oh, I must add that I am male. The bottom line is men and there are women as well are not respectful of one another anymore. Hi Phil, We women also experience a degree of frustration with online dating as well. Over forty dating site disagree with you Phil.

If you find a good website let me know. Good luck to everyone looking and be safe always. We have a sophisticated and accurate match system that helps our members find their matches in an easy way.

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With 15 years of experience, it is worth joining in this site. I have only been dating about 4 years and divorced for 15, everyone has a different site over as to when they are ready for a myriad of reasons. It seems that experts are out there rating dating sites. Daphne I totally agree with you. How does that help me again?

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Some 50 something have a hard time. In the meantime, I go on with my life. I stay away from players and fakes. However, dating sites give the ladies the advantage. They pro rated my account and did refund a portion of my money, which I appreciated.

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What i have found out is that finding someone who can actually show up dating sites the heat is on and wants to be with me, and i want to be with her is rare, especially being over sixty. It might be quite nice, not sure how women would feel about this, but have the dating site strictly for senior women. Over Sixty Dating Often Involves Group Meet Ups So now you've met a potential date at Single And Mature, but the question is where will you take them so as to make the occasion a night or day to remember?

Sometimes you meet a decent guy and there is just no chemistry.


I think it more says, well I want to know what I will get for my dollar coffee and of course my one hour of invested time.

All the while he was a white collar criminal. One relationship lasted two years, until he moved out of state to take over fifties dating sites of his son who had become chronically ill.

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Here in Denver there were many ladies pictures and profiles that were no longer actually using the site. It has a photo of a something woman with a something man.

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Free is the best. The time you spend complaining can be better used in searching. Do you really think you are going to find a best friend who is the opposite sex? Butenjoying life with whatever disabilities, lumps bumps, etc. You can build new dreams, or explore the ones you never had time for before.